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You’re passionate, enthusiastic and curious about the world of Sports and Tech. And we’re right there with you.

The Sports Road is hoping to keep you informed and up-to-date about everything that is happening in the world of sports and sports tech. We’re researching, interviewing, and analysing content and trends to help you make sense of these developments while capitalizing on it in the process.

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The Sports Road Team.

Our Journey (so far)

The Sports Road Road started as a newsletter to inform people of news in sports and sports tech but in plain English, founded by Chris Worsey and Alexi Yovanoff. It’s the smart, no-BS friend who distils the rapidly changing world of sports into entertaining bite-sized news. We’ll keep you up to date on what’s what, with a few laughs and memes along the way.

People seem to like us, and we’ve been growing pretty fast. In fact, we already have over 45,000 readers in our first quarter! We needed backup, so we brought in some of the big guns from the world of newsletter creation and growth, a Twitter meme wizard with a similar sense of humour as ours, and a little tech support as well.

We hope to keep growing and expanding so that we can do even more exciting things like IRL events, support other sports and tech creators and give more back to our brilliant audience. This is going to be an exciting year!

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